Victoria Sophie


I am a fully qualified Complementary Therapist and have over a decade of experience in natural and holistic health and wellbeing. I offer massage and reflexology treatments and specialise in working with women before, during and after pregnancy.

Pre-conception: I have completed formal training and assessment in natural fertility and pre-conception care. I support women in their preparation for natural or assisted conception with Fertility Massage and Natural Fertility Awareness techniques. Many clients I see are also experiencing conditions of hormonal imbalance, anxiety and stress.

Pregnancy and Postnatal: Many women choose massage and reflexology to complement the natural event of pregnancy in helping to maintain balance and optimise health during the rapidly changing shifts at this time. Post-natally, both massage and reflexology provide a much needed opportunity to focus purely on yourself and enhance wellbeing.

Babies: Baby Reflexology classes offer you the opportunity to learn key techniques to treat your baby at home, whilst meeting other local Mums.

As part of my dedication to clean and healthy living, I incorporate ethically sourced natural products such as organic coconut oil, luxurious cocoa butter and Comfrey and Mallow Foot Balm into your treatments. Foreign chemicals so often found in skincare and cosmetics are known hormone-disruptors, which must be avoided for optimum fertility. You can therefore rest assured that only the highest quality, natural oils and plant-based ingredients are used in my chosen products.


My interest and exploration into the world of health and wellbeing began more than two decades ago and I was introduced to natural products and complementary healthcare at a young age. After several years of poor health, high stress and two years out of school, I arrived into adulthood with a much greater awareness and understanding of my overall wellbeing.

I resolved to take responsibility for my own health and happiness. I continued to learn of all the many ways we can take a role in preserving and maintaining the most precious aspect of our life, which further developed my knowledge and passion. I completed my schooling and graduated with a Psychology degree from Durham University, before embarking on full-time training in bodywork, holistic health and anatomy and physiology.

I gained my qualifications and enthusiastically embarked on my first career. I began work within a health spa, before being chosen as one of the first therapists to work within Liz Earle’s flagship treatment rooms in Sloane Square, providing incredible therapeutic treatments and offering holistic lifestyle advice.

Following this, I decided to go it alone. Running my own business and pursuing lots of post-graduate training in advanced bodywork, natural health and in particular natural fertility and pre-conception support.

I have worked in the holistic health industry since 2007 and have seen the incredible changes people have created for themselves. I love to share knowledge gained through my own experiences, ongoing research and from my training.

I now have a young daughter and I enjoyed putting into practice all my knowledge and experience before, during and after my pregnancy. She enjoys her own massage and reflexology treatments, which provide a wonderful bonding experience for us both. I am interested in all things natural and organic and can often be found in the local health food shop or reading a natural health book! I am passionate about my work and thoroughly enjoy meeting new and diverse people, providing guidance and sharing in their experiences. I am dedicated to helping you reach your goals with regard to achieving optimum health and happiness.

I know first-hand how pursuing a healthy and authentic outlook can transform our lives. In my view, natural health is about understanding what’s best for us, nurturing our bodies and our souls and being empowered to take an active role to create the life we wish for.


  • Psychology BSc (Hons)
  • Anatomy and Physiology Diploma
  • Aromatherapy Diploma
  • Body Therapy Diploma
  • Reflexology Diploma
  • Pregnancy Massage Certificate
  • Maternity Reflexology Certificate
  • Baby Massage Instructor Certificate
  • Fertility Massage Therapy Certificate
  • Fertile Body Method Certificate
  • Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage Certificate
  • Abdominal-Sacral Massage Certificate

I am a member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and the Association of Reflexologists (AOR).

Continuous Professional Development

I regularly attend seminars and courses and like to keep up with research around natural fertility and complementary therapies. Some of the training and courses I have completed include:

  • Reflexology for Supporting Conception
  • Nutrition for Women’s Health
  • The Role of Maternal Mental Health on Infant Development
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Maternity Reflexology
  • Acupressure and Meridian Massage
  • Advanced Reflexology Training
  • The Science of Nutrition
  • The Chrysalis Effect, working with M.E, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
  • Toxic Times: The Poisoned Body
  • Nutrition and Health (Level 2 Certificate)