Castor Oil Packs

Castor Oil Packs

A castor oil pack is an external application of castor oil to the body. Organic cotton flannel or cloth is saturated with castor oil and applied to a specified area, with heat.

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Castor Oil Pack Kit

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of Ricinus Communis – a herb native to Africa and India. It is important to use cold-pressed oil, meaning the lovely active enzymes and nutrients are still living and haven’t been damaged by high heat processing. Also, choosing 100% organic ensures the product does not contain any preservatives, chemicals, fragrance or colouring that you wouldn’t want to absorb into your skin – many of which are associated with hormonal disruption.

Therapeutically, castor oil use dates back to the Ancient Egyptians and since then it has been used by many cultures in folk medicine. The American prophet Edgar Cayce brought castor oil pack use to the forefront of modern healing in the 20th century and it is commonly recommended in natural healthcare today.

Why do a Castor Oil Pack?

It is thought that by drawing blood circulation and energy to the area to which it is applied, a castor oil pack enhances healing and promotes elimination of waste from the tissues of the body. The Edgar Cayce readings recommend packs to improve assimilations, eliminations and circulation (especially of the lymphatic system) and to break down adhesions. For this reason, many people notice benefits in cases of constipation, ovarian cysts, scar tissue, endometriosis, fibroids or other conditions of congestion.

Your Castor Oil Pack Kit

Castor Oil PackIn this kit, you will find everything you need to do your castor oil pack. Including:

  • 250ml Bottle Organic Castor Oil
  • Organic Bamboo Cloth
  • Full Clear Instructions on How and When to Use your Pack
  • Guided Meditation

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Castor Oil Pack Kit

Please Note: When and When Not to Use your Castor Oil Pack

  • The treatment can be performed at any time during your cycle, except for the 3 days prior to and during menstruation. It may be repeated every month until you notice an improvement in your symptoms.
  • Do not use when pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruating.
  • Do not use after ovulation if you are trying to conceive.
  • Do not use if you have any known allergies to castor oil.
  • Do not use if you have any open cuts, wounds or infections in the area to be treated.
  • Do not use if you have an acute infection or fever.