Are you serious about incorporating healthy habits to benefit your wellbeing? Having support to help you set specific, achievable goals can help to guide you in the right direction. You are also much more likely to succeed when held accountable by someone else.

I provide holistic health consultations for those wanting to learn new ways to enhance their health and wellbeing from a natural health perspective. It is important to note that this is in no way a substitute for medical care and any presenting symptoms must always be assessed by your medical caregiver. Instead, this time is for you to look at the simple changes you can make to benefit your lifestyle and wellbeing.

An in-depth holistic health review and consultation will help us to establish where you are and where you want to be. We will then agree on achievable goals and simple tools to help you get there! Different techniques such as relaxation and visualisation may be included in your sessions to reduce stress and further enhance the benefits of your hard work.


I usually recommend an initial 85-minute session, followed by two 55-minute sessions. This is a guide and can be assessed and reviewed as we progress and to suit you.

Most people I see are experiencing the effects of high stress, anxiety, digestive complaints or poor sleep. Many know that they eat the wrong things or that their stressed lifestyle is having an effect on them but they don’t know where to start to make changes.

My training and experience in natural fertility and pre-conception care means that the majority of people that come to see me are women who want to learn ways to improve their health ahead of natural or assisted conception.