This website has been created as an amalgamation of my own thoughts, ideas, experiences and beliefs combined with information sourced from research and studying. I found myself regularly being asked questions by clients and friends about various aspects of natural health.

I realised there is an increasing desire for us to be knowledgeable and informed about our choices. We want to understand how to benefit our own health and wellbeing but we often get confused with conflicting opinions and advice. We may even be so overwhelmed that we don’t know where to start.

I have opened the doors to the way I choose to live my life to answer some of those questions. Throughout the site I share my philosophy on natural health issues. I hope it offers you some inspiration and ideas to incorporate into your own.

Taking a naturally healthy approach is not designed to offer you guaranteed protection against stress or poor health. It is however about being mindful of your choices – opting for wholesome and nutritious food and healthy behaviours for your mental, emotional and physical health. This is a great support to your immune system, which will work harder to keep you healthy in return.

You will discover that my approach and philosophy is not about strict rules, regimes, deprivation and excessive behaviours. It is about being kind, gentle and nurturing to ourselves and most significantly it is about balance. Through my experience, balance is the most effective, beneficial and sustainable factor in almost everything we do to achieve optimum health and happiness. I have seen many people who believe they live a ‘healthy’ lifestyle by eating fruit and vegetables religiously, counting their calories or ‘points’ and rushing to fit in a different exercise class before or after work every day. Yet they are doing a job they hate, have little time for friends or hobbies and are utterly miserable! These are not the ingredients for a healthy balanced life.

Instead, nourishing your mind, your body and your soul with everything they require to work hard for you every day will reap far greater benefits. You will find examples and regular updates of what I mean by this in Inspiration.


My purpose is to empower you will the tools and resources to make the changes you want, to re-evaluate your relationship with your body and to leave you feeling full of energy and vitality. It’s not about telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. I have seen such remarkable changes through the many years I have been working one-to-one with clients and I’m truly passionate about sharing my knowledge.

With this approach, you will be working with your body, not against it. You are a team! Learn to love your body and all that it does for you and trust me, it will love you back.

A lot of my own inspiration comes from my friends and family. Most of the work I have created has come about as a consequence of their endless support and encouragement. So for that I am eternally grateful! It also comes from the wonderful clients I meet who allow me to share in their experiences and be a part of the incredible transformations that they create.

I post regular articles on here and on my facebook page. I hope you enjoy the site and the start of your exploration into a naturally healthy lifestyle.