Treatments and therapies are a highly beneficial and popular part of a naturally healthy lifestyle. I don’t know where I’d be without my regular treatments and I can’t emphasise enough the benefits of incorporating them into your lifestyle. I offer therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, abdominal-sacral massage, fertility massage and reflexology treatments in my South London and Surrey clinics.


Massage and Reflexology

Since qualifying in holistic therapies and bodywork in 2008, I have developed and enhanced my skills and knowledge. Many people don’t know what treatment they would like or what would suit them best. Perhaps you want to try abdominal-sacral massage but know you love reflexology. Or maybe you feel your muscles are tight and need some deep tissue work but you also want to relax and de-stress. This is absolutely fine! I don’t like sticking to a rigid treatment menu and am totally flexible with the techniques used. The vast majority of the time I combine various techniques to suit you and we will discuss this during your consultation.

If you have any questions, please do email me I would love to hear from you!


A Little Bit About Treatments & Techniques Used

Abdominal-Sacral Massage

Gentle and deeper work to the abdomen, digestive organs, lower back & spine. Many people experience digestive complaints at some point in their life & some notice that they store long held emotions, stress & anxiety in their abdomen. This is often felt as tightness, pain, discomfort or ‘butterflies’. Working on the abdominal area can help to ease and balance these sensations. Many people find the treatment incredibly relaxing & very beneficial in reducing stress & enhancing sleep.

Fertility Massage Therapy

Blends a range of advanced techniques, primarily massage to the lower back, sacrum, hips, spine & abdomen, with a focus on the lower abdomen and reproductive organs. Gentle yet powerful work to these areas can help to release physical & emotional tension or restrictions & enhance vital blood circulation to the uterus and ovaries. For more information on this treatment, please visit

Indian Head Massage

An incredibly relaxing treatment from the comfort of the massage couch. Enjoy massage and pressure points to your neck, shoulders, scalp and face. Relieves emotional and physical tension and provides the ultimate in deep relaxation and wellbeing.


A specific technique used on the feet. A firm (but not painful) pressure is used to work intricately over each area of the feet. The different areas correspond to specific organs and parts of the body. Reflexology is known to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance mood and overall wellbeing and improve sleep.

Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage

Any massage that you book will be adapted to suit you. If it’s simply relaxation that you would like, that’s wonderful! If you are after a deeper treatment to loosen tense muscles, no problem! If you would like a bit of both, we can do that too – in fact this combination is one of the things I pride myself on and many people are often surprised by how relaxing a deep tissue massage can be! If you have never had a massage, don’t think it’s for you or have had some terrible ones in the past, please come and try it out. You may just change your mind!


Deep pressure applied to specific points on the body, known as acupressure points. These have been shown to be areas of high energy in the body and correspond to the Traditional Chinese Medicine view of energy channels or meridians that flow through the body. Some of these correspond to the Western ‘trigger points’, which are used in and around areas of muscular tension to promote a release of pain and tightness. Both acupressure and trigger points are incorporated into a treatment where appropriate.


*Please note that with all treatments, your modesty and privacy is maintained at all times. You will be left alone to dress and undress and will be discreetly covered with a sheet or towel while on the treatment couch. Your comfort is of utmost importance and I will ensure to keep you warm and comfortable during your treatment.

*I use the beautiful range of organic Neal’s Yard Remedies Massage Oils, coconut oil, cocoa butter and Comfrey & Mallow foot balm for your treatments. You can be assured that I will never use any product that is tested on animals, contains any foreign chemical nasties, petrochemical derivatives or any unnecessary fillers or preservatives.